Faith like a Child

child of JesusIt’s been a long time since I last made a blog post but this story was too encouraging to just quickly share on a Facebook post. Today, I witnessed the amazing work of the Holy Spirit ministering to children!

I worked as an on call nanny for a family with a 6 yr old boy and a 3 yr old girl for 2 consecutive days. Yesterday, the boy picked up a puzzle with the author, “Anne Gedes” on the front with a photo of a baby and asked if that spelt “Baby Jesus”. I explained to him that Anne Gedes was a famous photographer and then asked how he knew about Jesus in the first place.

“Did you learn it from Sunday school?”
“What is Sunday school?”
“Did you hear it during Christmas time?”
“Why would I hear it during Christmas?”
Double nope..
And he just responded, “I dunno. I just know.”

So that’s when I told him about Jesus birth being on Christmas. He didn’t know who Jesus was so I ended up sharing how He was God’s son who came to earth to die for our sins and rose again.. in my mind, it was a brief version of the gospel but the boy was so inquisitive and asked what sin was and why Jesus had to die. They both began asking other things like what heaven is like and if they would see their grandpa there.

Today, outta no where, the little girl asked, “How do we get to heaven?”
I responded, “You have to believe in Jesus.”
The little boy pipes up, “I believe in Jesus!”
I was surprised by his enthusiastic declaration. I thought to myself, “Did his faith just spring up overnight??”
Then he says, “Do you know why I believe? I saw baby Jesus’ tomb on the news.”
Again, flabbergasted lol.
Then he goes, “I love Jesus!”
I smile, “And Jesus loves you too!”
“He’s the most famous person in the world! Isn’t He??”
“Yes, He is..” (Jaw drops to the ground… How does this kid know so much??)

It was a conversation I didn’t expect to have with such young minds and being how Christianity has been attacked so much, I didn’t know what his parents reaction would be in case this was a new thing for him. I had to ask God if this was his will for me to continue to share the gospel with them and if it was, then to give me further opportunities throughout the day. And He did..

After the kids biked to the park, eventually I started blowing bubbles and watched them float into the air, I cried out, “It’s bubble heaven!” And the boy thought that was funny and called out, “It’s bubble gods!” After playing at the playground with his little sister, he came to where I was sitting to talk. He asked me if I thought there were many gods and after I shared what I believed he stated that he thinks there is just one God because He is a person. The theological reasoning from this kid was amazing… We even talked about the trinity and he seemed to understand the concept on the Father, Son and Spirit being one. I mentioned how the Holy Spirit could help and speak to him about things. Suddenly, he exclaims “He speaks to me all the time! Whenever I do something bad he tells me: ‘No, no. Don’t do that.’ ” (Wags finger). I was blown how quick the kid got it!
It was ironic to feel like I was talking to a mini adult about theology and seeing his sister begging him to play with her. He would reluctantly reply, “Oh fine..” and run off with her then come back to discuss more things with me.

I brought up how he could speak to Jesus anytime he wanted. He asked me how he could do that and I respond, “By letting Him come into your heart so he can live in you. Do you want that?” He nodded confidently and said yes so I led him in a prayer as his eyes were tightly shut, head tilted to the skies as we all sat at a picnic table. It was so precious to behold. I prayed that he would experience more of Jesus and have dreams and visions of heaven too. I asked him to speak to Jesus in his own words and he thanked Jesus for coming to the world to save him and added a prayer to ask Jesus to take away the bad dreams that he’s been having.

By then, I had given my bottle of bubble solution to an older kid at the park and he overheard and said in a-matter-of-fact way, “I know about Jesus too. We’re Catholic.” (Gesturing to his mom). I was thinking am I in a kids’ world right now where faith is so sweet and simplistic? ❤

The girl also said she wanted to speak to Jesus too so I asked if she wanted to have Jesus in her heart as well. Her brother even added, “Do you believe in Jesus?” She said yes and so I prayed over her and their family as she shut her eyes tightly as little kids do so intentionally. 🙂

While biking on the way back home, the boy was so in excited that he could talk to Jesus anytime he wanted and would give me examples to see if they were appropriate to ask Jesus. He mentioned that he was sad that Jesus had to die because he wanted so badly to see Jesus. I said that he would be able to see Him in heaven and that Jesus died so that we may be able to live with him in eternity. Then the boy said that he wouldn’t get to see heaven until he died and that his parents would beat him to the punch since he was only 6! Paraphrased of course cause he actually used the words, “die first”! I told him that he could ask Jesus to give him dreams and visions since many people have had experiences of heaven without dying. I even told him about the child who got sick in the book and movie, “Heaven is for Real” and had an experience in Heaven where he met Jesus and his late relatives. It was so awesome to witness such childlike faith. I told him that we were all brothers and sisters in Christ cause God is our Father and we are all His children. He was like “Really?? So you are my sister?? That’s so cool!!” He even talked to Jesus a few more times before we reached their house like about helping him ride his bike with his eyes closed and said that when he did it, it worked. It was so cute and uplifting to witness his eagerness to talk to Jesus. He even talked to a dead bee we stumbled upon hoping that he would see it in heaven someday.. Be still, my heart!

When we got home he asked me more questions. He even asked Jesus if animals went to heaven by closing his eyes and took a pause to listen and then simply responded, “He said ‘no.'” Haha.. so I guess that settles it.

I was so blown away by how the Lord spoke to this boy about Jesus in some shape or form and how receptive his heart was on hearing the gospel and being able to comprehend it through the work of the Spirit. This is an encouragement to everyone that the Holy Spirit is at work way before we even think to show up! We just have to be ready and willing when it’s time to testify of God’s love to open hearts no matter how old or young they are. May you be inspired just as much as I was today. We have so much to learn from children and Jesus knew it best when He said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

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